Our audiovisual services for concerts and musical events

Fortyeight specialises in designing and implementing sound, image and lighting solutions for your musical events and concert venues. We offer a bespoke approach that is adapted to your needs, in order to ensure your events are a hit.

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Bespoke technical solutions for guaranteed success

Fortyeight has more than 15 years of experience in the sector, and offers bespoke sound, image and lighting solutions for your musical event.

Whether it is for a one-time event or a longer collaboration, we adapt to the various requirements and constraints of your business and integrate ourselves into the artistic and technical teams working on the project.

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We highlight your musical talent

Our goal? To help you forget about technical constraints on the stage and put the spotlight on artistic performances! We create an optimal visual and aural experience for your audience. We design our lighting, sound and broadcasting devices with an eye to putting the artist in the spotlight! This means you can focus all your energy on other aspects of your musical event.

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Our audiovisual services for your musical events

A comprehensive service for concerts and musical events

Are you looking for professionals to manage the technical side of your musical events? We provide a turnkey sound, image and lighting service for your concert venues and spaces, whether indoor or outdoor!

Thanks to our comprehensive service, we can handle the technical side of things fully, or just a part of it, depending on what your team needs: choosing professional equipment, installing it, managing it, disassembling it, etc.

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Renting professional equipment for musical events

Do you want to manage the technical stuff yourself? We offer a rental service for professional and reliable AV equipment to complement your own.

We have a wide range of sound, broadcasting and lighting equipment for the stage. This equipment will allow you to create an unforgettable atmosphere on stage. We deliver the equipment to you directly on-site, or you can collect it from our warehouse.

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Our areas of expertise for your musical event


Superior sound quality is key to the success of your musical event. Our sound experts work tirelessly to offer you the best sound experience on stage. We use professional sound systems that are adapted to your event: microphones, speakers, mixing boards and more.


Capture your audience’s attention with images that catch the eye and enhance your musical events. In order to offer your audience unparalleled image quality, we use state-of-the-art equipment, such as next-generation projectors, LED screens and top-of-the-line cameras.

Stage lighting

We use professional stage lighting to highlight your musical talent. Our team designs your bespoke lighting system based on your needs and the lighting effects that you want on stage and in the venue.

Why choose Fortyeight for your concert?


More than 15 years of experience

Our team has more than 15 years of experience with AV solutions. We help many event organisers and artists to choose and manage their sound, image and lighting equipment.


Effective integration and collaboration

We are used to working with external teams. We collaborate with the other members of the technical and artistic teams to find image, sound and lighting solutions that blend seamlessly with the work everyone else is doing.


Bespoke technical devices

Every concert is unique, so we strive to find bespoke technical solutions. We have an extensive catalogue of different image, sound and lighting equipment. This range allows us to choose the best equipment for each situation.

Our clients put their faith in us

We have contributed to the success of their musical events.

Our services for concerts and musical events

We offer our sound, image and lighting services to organisers of musical events, technical service providers, tour managers and artists who need help with their audiovisual needs.

We work on all kinds of one-time musical events (concerts, musical shows, etc.), and collaborate on longer-term projects (tours, festivals, equipping concert venues, etc.).

If you opt for our comprehensive service, we handle all the technical stuff in terms of sound, image and lighting elements. We choose the right equipment, in collaboration with your teams, install it and ensure it is working correctly on-site. Once the event is over, we disassemble the installations. We also work with the existing teams on-site.

If you have rented equipment, we deliver the equipment to the concert venue, but we do not install it or remain on-site.

Do you need information about our services?

Do you need technical assistance, or do you want to know more about our services? Do you have questions? Get in touch with our team. We will be delighted to answer your questions.

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