Our sound, image and lighting services for shows

Fortyeight has more than 15 years of experience, and is your expert when it comes to sound, image and lighting for shows and the entertainment industry. We guarantee bespoke solutions that are adapted to your needs, in order to create a unique experience for your audience.

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A bespoke approach for your show

Our team adapts to your show, in order to offer bespoke sound, image and lighting solutions. We implement the appropriate devices, based on the size of your venue, the technical constraints and the atmosphere you want to create. We collaborate with all stakeholders to integrate our devices into your project.

Your show in the spotlight

We want you to forget the technical side of things and focus entirely on the stage. From choosing equipment to managing it during your performance, we offer a professional service that will highlight the artist and ensure the success of your event.

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Our services for shows

Seal et N8N au Cirque Royal le 8 juillet 2016

A comprehensive service

Do you need an expert to organise the audiovisual elements of your show? We handle the sound, image and lighting for your event from start to finish.

Once we have analysed your needs, we choose the best professional equipment for your situation, install the stage equipment and manage it for you.

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Equipment rental

Do you need specific equipment to complete your AV installation? At Fortyeight, we rent professional sound, image and lighting equipment for short and long durations.

Thanks to our extensive catalogue of high-quality equipment (LED screens, sound systems, projectors, etc.), you will find the most appropriate equipment for your needs in stock. We can also deliver the equipment directly to the venue.

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Our technical expertise


A good sound system is essential for your audience to hear you correctly. Our technicians find the best device for your venue, so your message will be heard, even in the back row! We use professional equipment, such as microphones, speakers, mixing boards and other sound accessories.


Images and videos are a key part of your staging. We recommend projection and broadcasting solutions that are adapted to your performance and your venue. We offer LED screens, projectors, cameras, mixing boards and other accessories to highlight your speakers and support on-stage communications.


A well-designed lighting device contributes to the atmosphere of your event and highlights the stage and the artist. Our stage-lighting professionals offer technical solutions that light up your venue. We have lighting equipment for all your needs, such as LED projectors, colour lights, lights with special effects, spotlights, moving heads and even mixing boards.

Why choose Fortyeight?


Experience and expertise

Fortyeight has more than 15 years of experience in the light, sound and image sector. This internationally recognised expertise allows us to offer professional solutions that are adapted to your needs.


A bespoke service

We are committed to offering a bespoke service for every project. We understand that every venue, every artist and every team has different needs. To this end, we adapt our technical solutions and work closely with all stakeholders.


Top-of-the-line equipment

We use state-of-the-art professional sound, image and lighting equipment to ensure high-end performance. All of our equipment is carefully inspected prior to use.

Our clients put their faith in our services

They called on us.

our audiovisual services for shows

We work with technical teams, event organisers and artists who require technical assistance with their sound, image and lighting needs.

We offer sound, broadcasting and lighting services for indoor and outdoor events of all kinds (plays, dance recitals, other cultural events, etc.). We can adapt to any event, regardless of its size. We also offer rental equipment for theatres, concert venues and event spaces.

As part of our comprehensive service, we install the equipment on-site, and disassemble it after your event ends. If you have rented the equipment, you install the equipment in the venue yourself.

As part of our comprehensive service, we remain on-site to manage the installation (lighting, sound and image). If you have rented the equipment, we are available through our after-sales service if you need us.

We integrate ourselves into, and collaborate with, any existing teams. This means we can offer a bespoke sound or lighting solution that blends perfectly with the rest of the event.

Are you looking for a trusted audiovisual service provider?

Tell us about your project! Our team is standing by to find AV solutions that are adapted to your needs.

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